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  • Solidarity - noun - A unity of interests or sympathies among a group. It is a simple word, with a simple concept, but its execution is much more complex. Every action taken by your Lake County Education Association is also driven by concept, that together we are stronger than apart. We may not always agree on the little things, but as professionals we are all in total agreement with our mission to provide the very best education to the students in Lake County... ...and it is that mission which drove the creation of this Forum. A safe space to assist LCEA teachers in developing that elusive solitary. It is also our hopes that this will not just become another platform to share best practices and classroom war stories. With the contributions and creativity of our members this Forum can also become a so much more...think of it as a Lake County Teachers' own Craig's List or Angie's List or our own commercial marketplace. If you a particular personal skill or business you would like to share with your fellow LCEA members, we hope you will also consider using our Forum to promote of charge. The process is simple and very intuitive. Create a profile for yourself in the Forum; be sure to include a photograph. As specifically as possible, create an appropriate category - handyman, certification tutor, notary public - add a brief description, your price, publish and you are in business...and we all benefit from that simple word, solidarity.
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