Pay Glossary

Developed by Stuart Klatt (2015); Revised by Vin Montuori (2019)


PERFORMANCE PAY is an increase in your salary based on your evaluation; the Lake County Education Association (LCEA) negotiates the amount annually. It will continue as long as you work at LCS and does get included in your salary base for the Florida Retirement System (FRS). By Florida statute, Annual Contract teachers receive larger increases than PSC teachers do. The latter has the option to switch to an annual contract teacher, but in doing so they forfeit tenure. This salary increase is usually awarded, retroactively to July 1, in December or January of the school year.


BONUS is a non-reoccurring pay increase.  It is one-time only and does not get included in your salary base for FRS. 


SUPPLEMENT OR DIFFERENTIAL PAY is paid for a specific activity such as a faculty advisor to a club, coaching a sport, etc.  The amount is only valid only for a given school year with the principal filling these assignments. This amount is included in your salary for FRS purposes. 


TEACHER LEAD MONEY is an annual amount of money determined by the State Legislature to go to classroom teachers to buy materials for their classrooms. The State Legislature defines classroom teachers, which unfortunately does not include coaches, media specialists, guidance counselors and other non-load bearing positions. The school bookkeeper usually alerts the faculty to the amount, rules and procedures for the Lead Money in late September.


ADVANCED DEGREE SUPPLEMENTS is an annual bonus if you have a graduate-level degree in the specific subject you are teaching. An Educational Leadership, Curriculum, or Education Masters or Doctorate does not qualify since there are no specific classes (as coded by the state) in those areas. However, if a certified teacher with masters or doctorate in American History is teaching that course, they will qualify for the supplement each year.


SCHOOL GRADE MONEY is a bonus given to a school for increasing the school grade as defined by the state. The total amount of bonus will vary from year to year. It is based on enrollment and a disbursement plan determined by the school’s SAC committee and teachers. If the two parties do not agree on a plan, the bonus is distributed equally to current instructional staff members, per statute.


AP or CTE SUPPLEMENT is an annual bonus paid to the teacher based on the number of students passing the AP exam or CTE industrial certification.


BEST AND BRIGHTEST BONUS are bonuses given to classroom teachers who received an Effective or Highly Effective performance. The County determines eligibility based on guidance developed by the State Legislature and DOE. If approved by the state legislature, the bonus is usually distributed in March or April. This bonus is in addition to whatever salary increase is negotiated by LCEA in the current annual agreement (see PERFORMANCE PAY above). Note: the ill conceived and executed additional B&B bonus, for teachers with SAT or ACT in the top 20% NATIONALLY and a highly effective performance evaluations, was eliminated in a court agreement in 2019).



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