2019 scholarship Herman.jpg

2018 - 2019 scholarship winners. (From left to right.)

Due to COVID we have no pictures of the 2019-2020 recipients.

Cynthia Lolley - Eustis High, Alana Roberts -  Tavares High, Liam Perna - Leesburg High, 

Samuel Miller - Umatilla High, Tyler Herman - East Ridge High 

2019-2020 Recipients: Craig Yox and Noah Burry

Click here to download the application.

The Cynthia Schumacher Scholarship Award


 Scholarship for LCEA members' children and grandchildren


The application for the Cynthia Schumacher Scholarship Award is available to Lake County School seniors who plan to enroll in a post-secondary school for 2021-2022 school year. This year LCEA may award up to four $1,000 Cynthia Schumacher scholarships. If you have a student, who is interested in applying and who has an LCEA member as a parent/grandparent, please encourage him/her to obtain an application form and return the completed forms to the LCEA office prior to the final deadline (Tuesday, March 2, 2021).


Application forms are available through the link below or Lake County High School Guidance Counselors, Lake County  Education Association Office, or to receive a copy of the Scholarship form in Word Format please e-mail Marla at valerie.squillante@floridaea.org.