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What is LCEA?

Lake County Education Association (LCEA) serves as the professional association for Lake County’s 3,000 teachers. Your Association advocates for the respect and dignity of the educational professionals of Lake County. LCEA unites our members in delivering the full promise of a quality public education so every student can achieve a successful and fulfilling life. As a group of professionals, we are here to support you with the challenges and adventures you experience at Lake County Schools.


LCEA Vision:

The Lake County Educational Association (LCEA) believes that every Lake County student deserves to be taught by a certified, highly effective, empathetic teacher, with a rigorous curriculum in a modern, technologically current classroom, which is fully supplied with all required instructional materials on a clean and safe campus.


Apply to be a member today!

The power of LCEA is directly related to the number of members in our organization. Benefits derived from discount buying, low-cost insurance, higher salaries, etc., more than offset the cost of your dues.

Teaching is a wonderful yet challenging profession. We are here to support you!

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LCEA is working hard to advocate for you and support you, but we need your help. The professional organization is YOU! The work we do to move the profession forward requires a collective. Join LCEA today to power that collective so we can get to work for you and with you.

LCEA offers its members:

  • Professional development & growth opportunities including support for National Board Certification

  • Scholarship opportunities

  • Access to lesson materials and mentoring opportunities

  • Full time professional staff assistance

  • Committee and leadership opportunities

  • Involvement in bargaining and member organizing, as well as lobbying and political action

  • Representation in grievances and involvement in professional issues

  • Free Financial Planning

  • Legal protection: legal services & access to a Legal Defense Fund to help uphold contractual/legal rights of members

  • $1,000,000 professional liability insurance

  • Public relations as well as regular newsletter communication & publications

  • Low-cost group insurance opportunities

  • AFT member discount benefits: theme park tickets, rental cars, hotels, travel, restaurants, local and national businesses

  • Community involvement and volunteer work

  • Networking and social events


We have events including socials, professional development, and town halls to help continue the collaboration and connection with teachers across the district. Please look for more information on our calendar and professional development pages. If you are interested in learning more about your education association, you can connect with us on our social media pages: You can find us on Facebook @lakecountyea or @LCEAFYRE

Union membership can save you money!

Your dues are minimal compared to all the benefits you receive and if something happens that you are at risk of losing your job, your union membership will help save your income and legal fees. Your benefits can also save you thousands on insurance, restaurants, shopping, etc. 


There are also opportunities to make money through LCEA. We have member organizers that are paid positions and we have AFT TLP which is a professional development program with a $1500 stipend. Please reach out if you would like any more information about how union membership can save you money.

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Office Manager: Valerie Squillante  

Volunteers: Margaret Foley & Gail Rager

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