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Lifetime Retired Membership

As an LCEA member at the time of your retirement, you are eligible to join our LCEA LIFE Retirement group or become an Annual Retired member. There are many benefits of becoming a member of LCEA-LIFE-Retired. By continuing as a member of LCEA in retirement, you will continue to receive local, state, and national benefits. You can remain informed about your profession and public education at the local, state and national level. Your membership also sends a message that you still care about the importance of teaching and the quality of the education provided to the children of our state and our country

Thank you to our Retired Members!

To become a Lifetime FEA/LCEA member the cost is a one time fee of $435.00. LCEA would like to thank you for your years of service during your teaching career. LCEA Members who wish to become lifetime FEA/LCEA members will pay the following percentage of the cost of membership:

  • 11-19 years of LCEA Membership (You will get a 50% discount on FEA membership and the $35 LCEA Retired Membership Fee) = $217.50 for LCEA -Life Member

  • 20 + Years of LCEA Membership: You will pay 0% for Lifetime FEA (LCEA will pay the $400 for you) + $35 LCEA Retired Membership Fee = $35 for LCEA -Life Member . If you have been an LCEA member for twenty years or more of your teaching career, LCEA is offering you the special gift of paying the $400 for membership in FEA Retired for you.

  • If you prefer annual membership, FEA Retired Annual Membership is $46 (Must pay this annually to LCEA each year by AUGUST 1 to retain membership) + one time $35 LCEA Retired application = $81 this year & $46 every year after for LCEA Retired Member

Get Involved

LCEA Retired President & Current President with Current American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President Randi Weingarten

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