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Have questions about Compensation?

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LCEA & LCS have a ratified contract!

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Want to see the Tentative Agreement highlights? 

Once TAs are signed they will be linked a the bottom of the page.

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Information about Bargaining and Tentative Agreements

Every year, your LCEA Bargaining Team advocates for your rights. The Team works on strengthening contract language and salary increases as well as stipends and supplements. COVID Safety Protocols, extra pay for extra classes, or other temporary items are also bargained for in Memorandums of Understandings (MOUs). Once the Team and LCS reach an agreement, then the language and salary proposals become a Tentative Agreement (TA). The TA must then be ratified by the bargaining unit. The bargaining unit consists of all instructional personnel. Each member of the bargaining unit may vote to accept or not accept the TA. Once the TA is approved by 50% + 1 of the bargaining unit, then it is officially incorporated into the LCEA & LCS Contract. We are always looking for people who are interested in helping write contract language or help us with the bargaining process. If you would like to be involved, click the green "Join Bargaining"  button above.

See the Tentative Agreements (TAs) at the bottom of the page.

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Bargaining Updates

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What can we bargain for?

Mandatory subjects for bargaining are those topics required by law and the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)...include items like wages, overtime, bonuses, grievance procedures, safety and work practices, and seniority, as well as procedures for discharge, layoff, recall, or discipline. We cannot bargain away any bad policy that is mandated in law, but we can advocate & organize against it.

For example, in 2020 and again in 2021, a law was passed by the Florida legislature dictating how the additional funding for the Teacher Salary Increase (TSIA) for 2020-21 must be distributed. 80% must be used to raise the base salary of classroom teachers and 20% of the funding for all other instructional employees. Also, for districts whose minimum base pay is less than $47,5000, the increase to minimum base pay must be at least 150% greater than the largest salary increase given to teachers on the grandfathered salary schedule (professional services contract). We cannot bargain this away, but we can ask the district to put some of their own general funds towards salary, which is what our Bargaining Committee has done for 2021- 2022. For more info on FL salary laws CLICK HERE.

Who is involved in the bargaining process?

We have over 20 bargaining committee members, FEA bargaining specialist, FEA organizing specialists and other member activists involved in bargaining. All instructional staff can give input for bargaining. We hold town halls, send emails, meet in person at worksites, collected survey data, have one on one conversations, in person events, send text messages and phone calls to gather educator voices. We also organize and communicate bargaining priorities including speaking at school board meetings. Our committee and team, made up of members, decides as a collective what is

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put forward and agreed upon at bargaining. We are always looking for people who are interested in helping write contract language or help us with the bargaining process. If you would like to be involved, click the green "Join the Bargaining Committee"  button below.

Collective Bargaining meetings between the district and LCEA are open to the public. All community members can attend bargaining meetings and advocate for a fair contract. All LCEA members can attend LCEA bargaining committee meetings, trainings, and caucuses. All instructional staff- members of the bargaining unit, regardless of membership, get to vote on the tentative agreements and ratify them in the contract.

2022 - 2023 Tentative Agreements

Once TAs are signed they will be linked below. Click the links for more information.

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