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Invest in your Future!

Join LCEA!

A shared investment makes us all stronger and better off. The more members we have the better our contract will be.

  • Unionized educators make between 12% - 20% more than non-union educators.

  • Districts and states that lost their collective bargaining rights saw an average decrease in salary of -$10,000 a year.

  • What teachers’ unions win at the bargaining table is in direct proportion to the number of members that actively participate in the union.

  • The Contract is between LCS and LCEA. If LCEA goes away, so does the LCS/LCEA Contract.

  • A recent Gallop poll showed 71% of Americans now approve of labor unions.

Without LCEA, the current working condition protections you have and future salary increases are at risk.

LCEA Wins (in the past 3 years):

A shared investment makes us all stronger and better off. The more members we have the better our contract will be.

  • $30 million added to educator compensation. This mean each educator has seen an average increase in compensation of $8,000 over the past 3 years.

  • More than 50% of contract changed & ratified each year and during contract year with 96% approval.

  • Worksite visits every week surveying and speaking with members. We also pushed for and worked with LCS to create Teacher Advisory Committees so educators’ voices are included in decisions.

  • PD, mentoring, and support so LCEA members are more likely to remain in LCS than nonmembers.

In the past 3 years, LCEA has made history with changes and advances we have never seen in Lake County!

Who is "the Union?"

The Union is YOU! It's all of us!

Our organization was founded by Lake County Public School educators in 1966 right before the first statewide teachers strike in the United States, the1968 Florida Teacher Walkout. LCEA is a collective organization of 1300+ members. We are local, Lake County Public School educators who live and work here just like you. YOUR MEMBERSHIP and YOUR VOICE in LCEA makes a difference! There are 2,900 educators in Lake County Schools. Every educator from classroom teachers, academic coaches, athletic coaches, program specialists, psychologists, school counselors, social workers, testing coordinators, deans, athletic trainers and many more can join LCEA!


Our members are elected every year to represent the organization at each worksite. We also have a board of directors and officers who are members elected by the full membership. We have two full time release officers who work based out of our Leesburg office 250+ days a year representing and supporting the LCEA membership. Every month representatives meet, strategize, and organize. All members help move the organization and collectively decide our path forward. No outside group, either statewide or nationally decides what LCEA does. We are the only locally based, member-led educator organization advocating for and empowering Lake County Public School educators.

We believe in ourselves as professional educators.

We believe in a better public education system that respects educators and PAYS you what you deserve!

We believe all students should have opportunities to be successful!

LCEA empowers Lake County Education Professionals to collectively organize and advocate for a world-class public education for all.

If you believe these things, join us in our movement for a better Lake County Schools.

Your dues are minimal compared to all the benefits you receive and if something happens that you are at risk of losing your job, your union membership will help save your income and legal fees. Your benefits can save you thousands on insurance, restaurants, shopping, etc. 


There are also opportunities to make money through LCEA. We have member organizers that are paid positions and we have AFT TLP which is a professional development program with a $1500 stipend. Please reach out if you would like any more information about how union membership can save you money.

Union membership can save you money!

To see some of the membership benefits click the links below:

LCEA can save you $$$ flier

MyDeals App

NEA Benefits

AFT Benefits

Contacts & Benefits Information

What our members say...

"After I attended my first meeting I realized just how much my union does for me, for us, as Lake County teachers. They work hard everyday to ensure and protect our rights but they are so much more. They offer training, classes, and workshops. They offer fellowship and camaraderie between teachers. Join us and be a part of one of the largest voices in education! Good luck this year!”

eDues are here!

See the resources and information about eDues by clicking the buttons below.

What is eDues?

The Florida Legislature passed a new law prohibiting public sector employee unions from collecting dues via payroll deductions. eDues is the new way of collecting LCEA dues so that our members can continue to collectively organize, bargain, and maintain the programs they have developed and fought for since LCEA's foundation in the 1970s.

If you have any questions about eDues contact LCEA at

ALL members from 2022 - 2023 must complete the eDues process or designate to pay by check by August 10th. 
Every member who is not converted to eDues or has not paid by cash/check by August 10th will have a break in membership service and will no longer be a LCEA member.

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