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We have new materials for our Members!

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Union membership can save you money!

Your dues are minimal compared to all the benefits you receive and if something happens that you are at risk of losing your job, your union membership will help save your income and legal fees. Your benefits can save you thousands on insurance, restaurants, shopping, etc. 


There are also opportunities to make money through LCEA. We have member organizers that are paid positions and we have AFT TLP which is a professional development program with a $1500 stipend. Please reach out if you would like any more information about how union membership can save you money.

To see some of the membership benefits click the links below:

MyDeals App

NEA Benefits

AFT Benefits

Contacts & Benefits Information

What our members say...

The videos about bargaining are great! "Thanks for always keeping us up to date on every little detail. I appreciate knowing what is going on."

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