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May Contract Spotlight

Evaluations & Appeals

ARTICLE XIII TEACHER EVALUATION-  Discusses instructional evaluations.
HR’s email was sent Monday (5.8.23) stating your Instructional Practice Scores (IPS) were officially in display mode for review and acknowledgement. You have 10 days to appeal your Instructional Practice Scores (IPS) which would be next Friday (5.19.23). This is the observation section of your evaluation from your administrator. Without acknowledgment or an appeal filed, the Instructional Practice Score is final and cannot be appealed later! This language is found in ARTICLE XIII TEACHER EVALUATION Section 8  starting on page 43 of the contract.

Section 8 Article 10 Evaluation Appeal IPS.PNG

April Contract Spotlight

Reappointment & Transfers

Article XV- All Instructional Contract Teachers Section 2 discusses reappointment. 
The transfer period is April 10-15th. Transfer language is found in Article XVII- Transfers, Reductions in Force and Vacancies starting on page 50 of the contract.

Reappointment language.PNG

About the LCEA/LCS Contract

One of the primary ways the Lake County Educator Association protects you and all Lake County educators is through the negotiation with the Lake County School Board of the teacher contract. The agreement term is three years, with an additional annual negotiation for compensation and other items requiring immediate action.


After your LCEA Bargaining Team reaches a tentative agreement with the LCS Board Representatives, a ratification vote is held for ALL teachers. The previous year’s contract remains in effect until any new contract is ratified. If ratified, and approved by the School Board, the new agreement becomes official.


This multi-page, multi-article agreement is the result of numerous hours at the bargaining table between LCEA and the LCS Board Representatives. It represents the serious commitment of both sides to create a safe and productive environment where every educator can deliver on the needs of their students.


Consequently, it is up to all of us not just to understand the elements of the contract, but also to be vigilant in execution. Utilizing your LCEA Building Representative or the LCEA Officers whenever you have a specific question or observe some violation of the agreement. Remember, no concern is too small that it cannot be discussed, especially if it involves the safety and productivity of our members.


The LCEA Officers and Board encourage you to take the time to read your contract via the link on this page. There is also a link to a helpful glossary of some of the key terms used when discussing compensation.


Your Building Representative is knowledgeable about the contents and will be able to help guide you through it if needed.

Click the links below for the complete PDF document.

Other Links & Resources: Pay Glossary; WEINGARTEN RIGHTS; Rights Q & A

NEW FINAL Contract 2022 - 2023

Click here to read or download the PDF document.

Click here to read or download the PDF document.

2021 - 2022 Contract

Student Progression Plan 2022 - 2023

Student Progression Plan.PNG

Signed Safety MOU 2021 - 2022

Click here to read or download the PDF document.

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